Services are offered in three different service categories, and they also include network access to the Swisscom backbone. When setting up a Dynamic Data Center or Dynamic Server, you can choose which of the following three service categories you would like to set it up in:

Basic Standard Advanced
Availability 99.5%,Max. 1 outage per month 99.9%,Max. 1 outage per month 99.9%,Max. 1 outage per month
Support time Monday to Friday 07:00 – 18:00 (Not including public holidays) 24x7 24x7

In the Basic and Standard service categories, services are offered in one data center. If, contrary to expectations, an outage occurs in Swisscom's data centers (a so-called disaster event), the virtual systems will be put back into operation as soon as possible. However, Swisscom does not guarantee a recovery time objective (RTO). Likewise, data loss (RPO) cannot be ruled out because storage is not mirrored.

Should a disaster event occur, the services ordered pertaining to the Advanced service category are put back into operation in an alternative data center on a priority basis within four hours. To that end, the requisite resources are firmly reserved in a second data center for virtual systems of that service category. Thanks to storage mirroring, the possibility of data loss is low. (RTO < 4h, RPO ~0).

The entire platform (IT infrastructure, network connection, virtualisation platform) is monitored continuously (24x7) and, in the event of a failure, the support organisation is called in immediately.

The availability definitions are described in detail in the external "Service Level Agreement (SLA)" contract document. The availability of the customer Extranet and the self-service portal corresponds to the Basic service level.

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